Winter Park Doughnuts-A Popular Treat for Centuries

Did you know archeologists have uncovered items that resemble doughnuts in civilizations thousands of years old? Although they likely weren’t called by this name, these treats appear to have been around for centuries. It wasn’t until World War II, however, that these treats became immensely popular. Today, people often stop to get a box of these items for their family as a special treat or to share with coworkers. Actually, doughnuts can be eaten any day of the year without guilt.

The Early Days

In the mid-19th century, a deep-fried dough dessert was created by Elizabeth Gregory for her son who was a ship captain in New England. She wanted to ensure he and his crew could have a pastry that would travel with them and not go bad. She put a walnut or hazelnut in the center of this treat, as she was worried the dough would not cook all the way through. It was her son, however, who took credit for putting the traditional hole in the middle of the doughnut, although no one can say definitively how this came about.

Mass Production

Doughnuts weren’t first mass-produced until 1920. At that time, a New York City baker by the name of Adolph Levitt created a machine capable of producing these items quickly. They rapidly became popular with individuals and people loved to stand outside his shop and watch the treats come off the conveyer belt. He began offering these machines to others and sales quickly took off. Who knew someone could become a millionaire sharing this popular dessert with the world? That’s exactly what Mr. Levitt did and doughnuts are highly sought after today.

Don’t overlook winter park doughnuts when you are buying treats for family and friends. Most people love this item for breakfast or as a dessert following an excellent meal. Try a creme brulee version or take home one that tastes like banana pudding. With so many varieties to choose from, quite a few find the hardest part is choosing their favorite. There is no need to. Doughnuts are inexpensive so a person can taste many different versions without breaking the bank. Pay a visit to a local bakery today and pick some up. They are sure to put a smile on your face.