Most women prefer to marry rich men to have a good lifestyle exposing indian internet sector fraud

Usually while choosing a partner for marriage, worldwide men will consider the beauty of the woman, and most women prefer to marry rich men so that they can lead a good lifestyle. Women are aware that if they marry a rich man with plenty of money, he will give them a good monthly allowance,purchase expensive gifts ,they can hire multiple servants for housework, so that they have plenty of free time and money.
There are a large number of beautiful women who marry rich men and lead a good lifestyle
Yet in a clear case of FINANCIAL FRAUD of the indian tech and internet companies, they are comparing the lifestyle of the single domain investor who is harassed by the most powerful people in the country, with the wives of rich and powerful men who have a much better lifestyle since they have plenty of free time, money, and no one harassing them
These banking fraudster tech and internet companies are falsely claiming that the wives of powerful men, who do not invest money in domains are domain investors, refusing to answer why these good looking housewives do not legally purchase the domain names.