Like gurugram model divya pahuja, gurugram top cheater mba ruchita kinge also leading a very lavish lifestyle suddenly

Gurugram model divya pahuja recovered from haryana canal started leading a lavish lifestyle like gurugram cheater raw employee ruchita kinge

gurugram model divya pahuja was the daughter of a vegetable seller and led a simple life till she was 20. Then suddenly her lifestyle changed after she became the girlfriend of top gangster sandeep gadoli , she started wearing expensive clothes, and travelling extensively.
She was also allegedly responsible for the killing of the gangster in a hotel near mumbai airport allegedly providing information to the police.
The model was allegedly killed in City Point Hotel, Gurugram in the first few days of January by the owner Abhijeet Singh.
The CCTV footage of the hotel shows the body of the model being taken out from the hotel after the murder, the killers did not think that the cctv footage would be checked later
After extensive search the decomposed body of divya pahuja was recovered from a canal in haryana. It was identified from the tattoo on her back.

Like divya pahuja, the lifestyle of another gurugram resident fraud raw employee mba ruchita kinge who is faking ownership of this and other websites has become extremely lavish in the last one year, and she is being tracked closely to detect if there is any crime connection.