Like gurugram model divya pahuja, gurugram top cheater mba ruchita kinge also leading a very lavish lifestyle suddenly

Gurugram model divya pahuja recovered from haryana canal started leading a lavish lifestyle like gurugram cheater raw employee ruchita kinge

gurugram model divya pahuja was the daughter of a vegetable seller and led a simple life till she was 20. Then suddenly her lifestyle changed after she became the girlfriend of top gangster sandeep gadoli , she started wearing expensive clothes, and travelling extensively.
She was also allegedly responsible for the killing of the gangster in a hotel near mumbai airport allegedly providing information to the police.
The model was allegedly killed in City Point Hotel, Gurugram in the first few days of January by the owner Abhijeet Singh.
The CCTV footage of the hotel shows the body of the model being taken out from the hotel after the murder, the killers did not think that the cctv footage would be checked later
After extensive search the decomposed body of divya pahuja was recovered from a canal in haryana. It was identified from the tattoo on her back.

Like divya pahuja, the lifestyle of another gurugram resident fraud raw employee mba ruchita kinge who is faking ownership of this and other websites has become extremely lavish in the last one year, and she is being tracked closely to detect if there is any crime connection.

Haryana hackers ensure that india’s top online fraudster raw employee ruchita kinge enjoys lavish goa holiday

One of the best indications of the lack of honesty, humanity and corporate ethics of top indian tech and internet companies is how they continue to reward india’s top online fraudster raw employee ruchita kinge for faking domain ownership, bank acount and online income since 2012, while causing great financial losses to the single woman engineer who is pay all the expenses and doing all the work, in a case of government slavery, financial fraud.
Instead of asking their favorite fraudster raw employee ruchita kinge to purchase at least a few domains, the tech, internet companies encourage their favorite fraud to further cheat, exploit the single woman and lead a very lavish lifestyle .
After her Rs 21000/day jaipur holiday, india’s top online fraudster raw employee ruchita kinge enjoys lavish goa holiday . Since the domain investor had traced the hotel name and rates from the instagram posts of india’s top online fraudster raw employee ruchita kinge, this time raw employee ruthless robber ruchita kinge is more careful and did not name the hotel
However, it appears to be a very expensive hotel, since only a few hotels in goa have a private beach. Showing that haryana fraud ruchita kinge has a group of powerful hackers robbing data to fake computer work, she has plenty of free time, relaxing on the beach and dancing with her husband

haryana top cheater raw employee ruchita kinge dancing on goa beaches, yet fakes computer work to get monthly salary

though the greedy fraud raw employees goan CALL GIRL siddhi mandrekar, haryana gurugram fraud mba ruchita kinge, goan gsb fraud housewife ROBBER riddhi nayak caro, never invested any money in domains at all, did not pay any expenses, they got great powers because of the great fraud of india’s top online fraudster government employee brahmin cheater LIAR puneet
The fraud LIAR top brahmin government puneet HATED his female btech 1993 ee classmate from iit bombay, a single woman engineer, domain investor and being one of the most dishonest cruel cheaters he faked his friendship and help for the single woman engineer so that he could ROB everything from her to become extremely rich and powerful and also make all his lazy greedy real girlfriend like siddhi mandrekar, ruchita kinge rich and powerful
though the fraud puneet and his CHEATER GIRLFRIENDS never paid any expenses and never did any computer work, being india’s top online fraudster for more than 14 years, the cheater puneet and his associates are DUPING countries, companies and people with fake stories about fraud raw employees ruchita kinge, siddhi mandrekar who refuse to purchase the domains.
The relationship, financial fraud of brahmin cheater government employee puneet has made his fraud girlfriend raw employee ruchita kinge extremely rich, she is leading a very lavish lifestyle, spending Rs one lakh every month, on holidays in india, dubai, yet she refuses to even purchase one domain legally in a major financial fraud.
Though haryana’s top fraud mba ruchita kinge is spending her time dancing on the beaches of goa with her husband, the indian government continues its fraud of falsely claiming that the haryana cheater is doing all the computer, writing work.
So now the cheater puneet has given all his lazy greedy fraud girlfriends control of text link advertising and the real domain investor is making great losses due to the denial of opportunities which she deserved, financial fraud, government slavery of LIAR top indian government employee puneet
LIAR top government employee puneet also falsely claiming that the domains of his btech 1993 ee classmate belong to his greedy girlfriends when he and cheater girlfriends do not pay the credit card bill and other expenses.

Illiterate offline workers paid despite their flaws,only internet sector continues with SLAVERY falsely citing lifestyle

Internet sector treats online workers, investors worse than illiterate offline workers in government SLAVERY racket rewards lazy greedy young frauds
One of the reasons the domain investor is complaining mainly because the indian tech, internet sector is openly involved in a major government SLAVERY racket, financial fraud on online workers, investors treating them worse than illiterate workers offline after ruthlessly criminally defaming them, while rewarding lazy greedy frauds who do not do any computer work, with great powers, monthly salary at the expense of the online worker, investor.
There are a large number of illiterate, semiliterate workers in india, farmers children who only speak hindi, cannot understand or write in english. Yet hotels,caretaker agencies , contractors are hiring them for work and they are paid approximately Rs 20000- 25000 a month, approximately $300, which is their savings, since accomodation, food, other expenses are paid .
In contrast in a major work at home fraud in the indian internet sector, the online worker, investor is criminally defamed, making fake allegations without any legally valid proof and in major financial fraud of the government agencies, tech and internet companies , these shameless greedy cheater companies then refuse to acknowledge the computer done, money spent paying expenses
Instead these cheater tech and internet companies are running a major extortion racket falsely giving credit, monthly salary to favorite fraud goan CALL GIRLS of top government employees and other young frauds like accenture employee short slim architect fraud telugu trisha who do not spend any time doing computer work.
The semi-literate workers are also not perfect, their food is not properly prepared, some spend too much time talking on phone, others get into fights, yet their employer will overlook these flaws and pay them monthly salary.
In contrast in a major government SLAVERY racket masterminded by the extremely cruel cunning CHEATER brahmin fraud top indian government employee puneet also india’s top RESUME ROBBER, robbing the resume of his female btech 1993 ee classmate from iit bombay to get 10-15 of his lazy greedy goan CALL GIRL, cheater housewife ,sindhi schooldropout, gujju stockbroker and other fraud girlfriends government jobs faking a btech 1993 ee degree from iit bombay, their resume, savings citing the fake excuse of the house condition and lifestyle of his female classmate who he hates, criminally defames
When employers will pay their semiliterate employees despite their flaws, why is lifestyle, home condition used by cheater indian government employees to commit a massive FINANCIAL FRAUD, RESUME robbery on a single woman engineer who they hate, to deny her the income and oppportunities she deserved. The building is likely to get redeveloped so renovating the house is a waste of time and money.

After her lavish Rs 21000/day Jaipur holiday, india’s top online fraudster raw employee ruchita kinge holidays in goa

The massive banking, online, financial fraud masterminded by the top tech and internet companies has made their favorite fraudster India’s top online, banking fraudster raw employee ruchita kinge extremely rich and powerful. While employees get one holiday in year, the internet sectors favorite fraud raw employee ruchita kinge, takes expensive holidays every month using the massive amount of black money she has
After her Rs 21000/day holiday in Jaipur, india’s top online fraudster raw employee ruchita kinge is now holidaying in goa according to her social media profile. Yet showing widespread financial fraud in the internet sector ruthless raw employee ruchita kinge, like amita patel, other fraud raw/cbi employees refuses to legally purchase this and other domains, though they get a monthly indian government salary for faking domain ownership.
Instead of blindly believing in the fake black money allegations against those who have very less money, the income tax department should investigate how india’s top online fraudster raw employee ruchita kinge is getting the money to go on expensive holidays every month, leading a very lavish lifestyle.

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Human rights abuses adversely affect victim’s health, make housekeeping difficult

The domain investor cannot sleep at night because the fraud companies running india’s greatest online, financial fraud, government SLAVERY racket are extremely ruthless in torturing her for complaining about the financial fraud, government SLAVERY using sophisticated radiation weapons

panaji goan bhandari raw employee cheater sunaina chodan never did any computer work, never paid for any domains or expenses,has no online income yet for 11 years the indian, goa government, RAW is making fake claims about scammer sunaina to give her , monthly government salary, great powers including robbing all the correspondence of the real domain investor, single woman engineer , at the expense of the single woman engineer,. domain investor, who is making great losses because of the government fraud on her
this government SLAVERY of refusing to acknowledge the computer work done by the domain investor, single woman engineer is causing great losses, so she is complaining.

Yet instead of having the honesty and humanity to end the government SLAVERY since 2010, the companies, government employees allegedly j srinivasan have only increased their human rights abuses, radiation torture, due to which the single woman engineer cannot sleep at night, adversely affecting her memory the next day.

government SLAVERY, financial fraud in the indian internet sector has destroyed the lifestyle of domain investors

the indian dispute with canada regarding the death of nijjar is the latest in the lies of the indian government agencies, tech and internet companies. Since at least 2010, LIAR tech, internet companies, government agencies are openly involved in a massive work at home, FINANCIAL, BANKING FRAUD, government SLAVERY racket, human rights abuses to get the lazy greedy fraud relatives and friends of top government employees no work, no investment government jobs in the indian internet sector.
In all countries only those who pay for domains are considered domain investors
Also the indian government will acknowledge the work done by citizens including maidservants, prisoners and pay them accordingly
Yet in one of the greatest ONLINE, FINANCIAL FRAUDS, government SLAVERY rackets allegedly masterminded by the extremely SHAMELESS GREEDY LIAR FRAUD indian tech, internet companies allegedly led by google,tata, infosys, cognizant the LIAR indian government agencies are hiring the favorite goan CALL GIRLS, sindhi school dropouts, cheater housewives and other frauds who do not invest money in domains, do not do computer work, and then ROBBING the data of a hardworking single woman engineer to make fake claims about their lazy greedy employees, pay them monthly government salaries
To cover up the massive government SLAVERY racket since 2010, the hardworking single woman is criminally defamed to destroy her reputation and the LIAR government agencies in india are spreading fake rumors that government employees especially from the btech 1993 class of iit bombay, who actually HATE the single woman are paying all the expenses, doing all the computer work when the government agencies are aware that government employees like panaji goan bhandari CALL GIRL sunaina chodan have never paid expenses, never done any computer work at all.
So because of the massive indian government financial fraud on older single woman domain investors, the domain investor is making very less money, despite working very long hours, while domain FRAUDSTER GREEDY cheater raw employees like haryana human monster ruchita kinge are enjoying staycations in Rs 7000/day or Rs 21000/day luxury hotels almost every month, after faking domain ownership.

if haryana’s top fraud raw employee ruchita kinge was really interested in domains, she would have legally purchased them, and led a less lavish livestyle

haryana’s top fraud raw employee ruchita kinge is and was aware that she was getting a monthly raw salary only for FAKING domain ownership since 2010, though she and her cheater boyfriend puneet never paid any money for purchasing or renewing the domain names since 2002
Yet showing how ruthless she is in cheating, exploiting, robbing a hardworking single woman engineer, ruthless haryana fraud ruchita supported by the liar haryana government continued to fake domain ownership and get a monthly government salary at the expense of the single woman who was viciously criminally defamed, making fake allegations without any kind of legally valid proof.
Though the haryana government is making fake allegations of cheating against the single woman who never visited haryana, it fails to explain why haryana cheater ruchita who has plenty of money refuses to legally purchase domains like the greedy goan frauds siddhi mandrekar, goan bhandari sunaina chodan
Additionally fake rumors were spread that government employees who hated the single woman engineer, never helped her especially from the btech 1993 ee class of iit bombay, owned the domains, though the government employees never paid for the domains
Worldwide domain investors legally purchase domains, paying the market price, get the domains transferred to their name and pay the domain renewal fees if they can afford it. Only in india in a massive FINANCIAL FRAUD, 5 GREEDY CHEATER states like haryana, gujarat, madhya pradesh, goa, karnataka are CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the harmless single woman engineer, making fake allegations without any proof, and then falsely claiming that lazy greedy cheaters from the state who do not pay any money for the domains, own the domains of the single woman to pay all the cheaters a monthly government salary
It is a major flaw in the indian government system that those who CRIMINALLY DEFAME domain investors, are falsely considered domain investors and getting monthly government salaries