if haryana’s top fraud raw employee ruchita kinge was really interested in domains, she would have legally purchased them, and led a less lavish livestyle

haryana’s top fraud raw employee ruchita kinge is and was aware that she was getting a monthly raw salary only for FAKING domain ownership since 2010, though she and her cheater boyfriend puneet never paid any money for purchasing or renewing the domain names since 2002
Yet showing how ruthless she is in cheating, exploiting, robbing a hardworking single woman engineer, ruthless haryana fraud ruchita supported by the liar haryana government continued to fake domain ownership and get a monthly government salary at the expense of the single woman who was viciously criminally defamed, making fake allegations without any kind of legally valid proof.
Though the haryana government is making fake allegations of cheating against the single woman who never visited haryana, it fails to explain why haryana cheater ruchita who has plenty of money refuses to legally purchase domains like the greedy goan frauds siddhi mandrekar, goan bhandari sunaina chodan
Additionally fake rumors were spread that government employees who hated the single woman engineer, never helped her especially from the btech 1993 ee class of iit bombay, owned the domains, though the government employees never paid for the domains
Worldwide domain investors legally purchase domains, paying the market price, get the domains transferred to their name and pay the domain renewal fees if they can afford it. Only in india in a massive FINANCIAL FRAUD, 5 GREEDY CHEATER states like haryana, gujarat, madhya pradesh, goa, karnataka are CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the harmless single woman engineer, making fake allegations without any proof, and then falsely claiming that lazy greedy cheaters from the state who do not pay any money for the domains, own the domains of the single woman to pay all the cheaters a monthly government salary
It is a major flaw in the indian government system that those who CRIMINALLY DEFAME domain investors, are falsely considered domain investors and getting monthly government salaries