haryana cheater raw employee ruchita kinge leads extremely lavish lifestyle looting older single women

haryana fraud raw employee ruchita kinge leads a very lavish lifestyle taking expensive holidays several times a year after looting hardworking older single women, making them pay all the expenses, making them work like slaves refusing to pay them anything while getting a monthly indian government salary for FAKING domain ownership, bank account, since 2012 like indore cheater raw employee housewife deepika/veena.
Most professionals, employees are taking a holiday only once year, they do not get leave, yet based on the social media account information, the top cheater raw employee ruchita kinge, optum human resources manager has taken the following holidays in 2023
– manali
– dubai for 10 days
– staycation in 5 star hotel delhi for 10 days in end august costing Rs 7000/day
– holiday in luxury hotel in jaipur costing Rs 21000/day in october ($300/day)
regular meals at gurugram restaurants costing Rs 1000 each
yet she refuses to purchase even one domain, though the LIAR indian, haryana government agencies are falsely claiming that the haryana cheater ruchitakinge , greedy fraud who has never paid any money for domains, like her powerful LIAR boyfriends especially from the btech 1993 ee class of iit bombay like puneet,sumit, arya, rai, verma who also have never paid for domains, owns all the domains of a single woman who is making great losses to justify the great powers, monthly government salary the haryana cheater ruchita kinge is getting at the expense of the single woman